Tour of Spain

Tour of Spain Pilot Breifing
FS9 (2004) only. Airports not available for FSX
138 hops, 11,406nm

MadDog has put a lot of work into providing a very interesting and diversified hop list and scenery for a number of airports and heliports in Spain that are not included with FS9. My thanks also to the others who made it possible for all this to come together.

To fly these hops you will need to install this scenery., Version 3, Size: 150,575KB.
  • FSNav Flight Plan Tour of

  • For information on installing these files, please [Click Here]

  • Go to LEVD and fly heading 200 for 10nm, if you see an airport then your install worked.

  • Update: If you are missing some textures, add the texture files in to your Spain Tour scenery/Texture folder.
- - - IMPORTANT - - -
  • You may have to fly "seat of the pants" to get to your next destination as some will not show up on your GPS.
  • Some of the airports do not have ID's and are desiginated as "SP-#". (SP with a dash number)
  • Save your flight before you exit as FS may not recognize the airport when you are asked to resume at your last airport
  • Some of your flights will require a helicopter to transport patients to hospitals.

    The Canary Islands are visited during the tour and you may wish to add the free scenery from
    Name: Size: 10,153,429

    FS2004 Scenery--Canary04 version I. Canary 04 is scenery for VFR and IFR that reflects the physical details of the islands practically in 100% detail. It has been built on the mesh terrain of the Spanish Group SMG, with redesigned islands, airports and towns; 185 towns are included. By Toni Agramont.

    This Hop List is Not easy, It's ment to be an enjoyable challange.
    Here are some scenes