The International Virtual Air Show and Flying Competition moves to North America for its second event.
Set at KNUQ Moffett Field, south of San Francisco, the competition features new challenges and new excitement.
Construction is already in progress, and so far the short and long pylon courses have been laid out.
Microsoft Corporation will have no fewer than three of its airship fleet in attendance at the show.
The proposed date is June 17th, 3pm EST to 11pm EST.
FS2004, Airport: LFML, Marseille, France
Server & Team Speak IP: 68:44:228:35

1400 UTC April 22nd to 1400 UTC April 23rd
Meet, Compete, Have Fun!

We wish to thank all who participated as everyone had a good time.
Please check the Photo Album for screen captures and stay tuned as we may have more of these events.

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Brisbane: 0000 Sunday, April 23rd to 2400 Sunday, April 23rd
London: 1500 Saturday, April 22nd to 1500 Sunday, April 23rd
Tokyo: 2300 Saturday, April 22nd to 2300 Sunday, April 23rd
New York: 1000 Saturday, April 22nd to 1000 Sunday, April 23rd
Moscow: 1800 Saturday April 22nd to 1800 Sunday, April 23rd
Los Angeles: 0700 Saturday, April 22nd to 0700 Sunday, April 23rd