Internet Page Designing by Phase II

Enhanced NetScape spoken here.
We support all the latest features.

Today, anyone who has created a "home page" believes that they are an expert at designing Internet pages.
If you wish to promote your business do you go to the local cut-rate print shop?

NO! You go to an Advertising Agency with the experience needed to get your message to the public.

We are the agency that you need for the Internet.

Not only can we provide the pages to sell your company, we can also provide the presence and services that you need to make the Internet work for you.

What is HTML? Well, it stands for Hyper Text Markup Language which is a fancy name for the extra stuff that is included in a document to tell your internet viewer how to format text, size, fonts and graphics on your screen.

Take a look at the many areas available here on this site and you will see many examples of HTML programming.

Keep in mind that many of the page formats are dictated by the clients and do not necessarily reflect how we think the page should look.

Our capable staff can provide you with quality HTML pages with your photos and logo's and with the "look" that you want.

Exact pricing of course can not be quoted here as the work involved in producing an Internet "page" would depend on the number and types of effects and images that are required.

Here is an example of prices on this provider.
    Business Home Page.........
      $200 one time base fee for construction (assuming the page is not too complex).
      $24.95 per month for the Internet service. This includes the following...
        "Home" pages presence.
        Listing in the provider business directory (mall)
        FTP access (dial-up account is seperate).
      $25 per month for additional areas or sections under the same business with their own Internet address. Construction fees depend on the complexity of the pages.

    Real Estate listings are $25 for construction and a one time fee of $50 to list the property until it is sold. A directory of listed properties is included. (no monthly charge)

    A listing includes a picture and description. 3" by 5" glossy prints work fine and text should be either printed or in a computer file. Additional pictures and/or hand-written descriptions will increase the construction costs.

    Charges for Logo's and other custom art work are based on an hourly rate.

    Secure Order Forms, "Shopping Carts", Email Robots and other features are additional.

    Prices may vary on other sites.

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