Google Earth satalite images of the Reaction Motors test areas as they appear now.
Picatinny Arsenal is to the left and I believe that's Denmark Lake

Test Areas A through E

Test Stand D with the XLR-11 fireing

Test Stand E

This is what it looks like now

R Area

Closer view of R Area
R-2 where the XLR-99 was tested looks like it's now stripped.
R-3 tested solid fuel booster engines.
I don't remember the two buildings near the bottom. They must be new along with the second water tower with legs.

Solid propellant machining area

The hi definition aerial images are more up to date and are from "Virtual Earth"

When I first got to R2 I noticed a sign on the restroom wall "DO NOT FLUSH URINALS DURING ROCKET ENGINE TESTING". Of course this was like a Wet Paint sign so I had to try it. The water hit the far side of the room and luckily just missed me.
There is a buffalo pump next to the water tower and they would crank it up during a test to provide water pressure that was well above 200 psi in case there was a fire.

One day there was a big fire and I went down the right side with an 1.5" fog nozzle. Two others went down the center with a 2.5" two man nozzle. They hollared for me to shut mine off as they needed more pressure so I did. It pinned them against the drill press and I had to turn mine back on.
That was the day that we dumped a lot of liquid ammonia that ended up in the Jersey City water supply.

I have a lot more stories like George and the helium or shooting frogs in the swamp if anyone cares.