Laos, Long Tieng

Long Tieng, The Secret Base of the CIA
Pilot Breifing

31 hops, total distance 1,047nm.
Most hops are short and most runways are very small and very hard to find.
This adventure provided by Air America

Required Scenery for the Airports.....
Name: Size: 7,588,221 Date: 04-22-2010 Available from
FS2004 Scenery--Long Tieng (LS20A) and other Lima sites. Remake of sceneries from the Virtual Flight Air America. Includes Long Tieng (LS20A), the secret base of CIA and other small sites to land with your STOL airplanes. Some runways have a slope up to 15 degrees so be carefull. By Daniel Gauthier.

Optional Terrain.....
Name: Size: 242,057,149 Date: 04-20-2004 Available from
FS2004 Scenery--Southeast Asia Mesh. Terrain mesh scenery for Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore as wll as the southern part of Burma and the northern part of Sumatra Territory. Based on SRTM data (3 arc/sec), sampled to LOD9 resolution (76m). While tested under FS2004, this mesh should also run in FS2002. By Werner F. Vogt. Highlights include the mountains of New Guinea, Rabaul, the New Georgia group where there were fierce night battles between USN & IJN forces (known as The Slot), and down to Guadalacanal.

Note: I have FSGlobal 2010 and only some of the airports have buildings that are not at ground leval
We have several reports that the "Optional Terrian" is only needed if you only have the default FS terrain.